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Hello, and welcome to imagetramp!  Thanks for taking the time to view our site.  Our trampy story began in Feb 2000.  After taking a trip together to the UK from our native Australia, we now find ourselves years later living in different parts of the globe where our passion for travel and photography continues.  

Ben currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and spends his time exploring and photographing the beautiful desert landscape.  

Dave currently lives in London and spends his time experiencing and photographing the great city, and taking the odd excursion through the UK and Europe.

Our hope for this site is to share our travel experiences with you through our images and our blog.   Our blog features up-to-date information on our current travels and photography projects.   

Thanks again for tramping over!  Please feel free to contact us with your comments. 

Ben & Dave


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Ben's Nikon Family

the 1930s kodak 620 duo

My main camera is my Nikon D700.  I've had it since the series was released and feel it's a great full-frame camera.  Although it's heavy, I still travel with it almost everywhere.  It was an upgrade on my Nikon D80, which is now my trusty back up.

My glass has been my main investment over the last few years.  My Nikkor 24-70mm and my Nikkor 70-200, both f2.8, are my main go-to lenses.  However, I tend to travel more with my Nikkor 16-35mm & 28-300mm lenses.  Less heavy than my 2.8's these lenses give me all the focal range I need for travel.  I love my 16-35mm and at $1000 less than the 14-24mm, it was a great investment.   Speaking of glass, I'm loving my new Lee Big Stopper.  Stay tuned for more long exposure images in our galleries.

I edit through Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5, with some assistance from Nik Software and OnOne Software.  I approach my editing with the goal to get a nice, realistic look to my images.  I jumped on the HDR bandwagon a few years back but now rarely use any HDR programs.  I find that the sliders in Lightroom 5 are incredibly powerful and allow the recovery of a lot of dynamic range in a single RAW image.    

I have a lot of fun with my iPhone 5 and find the camera in this new iPhone is fantastic.  Unfortunately, it's taken the place of my Canon Powershot 800, which for the longest time was a fantastic pocket camera.  I am an app geek when it comes to photography apps. 

And finally, my wishlist: the Nikon D800 - pretty please! 


My current camera is a Canon 5D II.

When out and about I shoot with a 24-70mm Tamron. It's the only pro-grade 24-70 with image stabilisation and a fraction of the cost for the Canon version.   

I also pack a 50mm 1.8 Canon prime lens because it's small and is unbeatable for portraits or in low light.

Prior to switching to Canon I was using a Nikon D80 and used it for many years. Again with a 50mm prime but I also favoured an ultra wide angle Sigma 10-20mm. 

The switch from one brand to the other presents some challenges but I'm loving the Canon. I made the right choice but I cut my teeth on Nikon and I'll always have a soft spot for the brand.

I use Lightroom and Photoshop to process almost every image I publish. Even the most subtle enhancements can make a big difference to an already great image. 

The other piece I use is the ubiquitous iPhone 4S. The camera is superb, in my opinion one of the best of its kind. It's still the most popular camera on flickr, even since they split the iPhone models on their stats, and I use a small collection of apps to enhance the images. The built in ios6 panorama feature is truly good fun.

Very occasionally I also use the Kodak 620 Duo folding camera (pictured). It was fun to learn how to use and the images are unpredictable and mostly awful. I post the results up here.

Otherwise I am partial to the odd use of video to capture an experience. For this I generally use the iPhone again, or I dig out an old point and shoot Canon Ixus, or borrow a camera and mix the footage in iMovie.