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Tramp Spotlight: Tunnel Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Hey everyone, here's a Tramp Spotlight for the weekend.  I've yet to finish editing all the images from my Oregon/Washington/B.C trip.  I'm almost done with the Oregon portion and will get a blog post out soon about my travels there with some images from Portland and the Oregon Coast.  However, just to whet one's appetite, here's the story behind one of my favourite images from the trip - Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge.

It was a Sunday morning and my friend Michael and I made a early start to beat the crowds on the Eagle Creek Trail.  It's an extremely popular hike on the Oregon side of the amazing Columbia River Gorge.  This trail, as well as the entire Gorge is littered with amazing waterfalls.  Multnomah Falls is perhaps the most renowned. However, the hordes of tourists make it difficult to photograph.  It takes some forward planning to photograph those falls.  The Eagle Creek Trail has several wonderful waterfalls. 

We hiked out and back a total of 12 miles through lush forest on a warm, sunny morning.  The light became harsh quickly which didn't allow for flattering images. Tunnel Falls was at the turnaround point of our hike, and fortunately it was well shaded allowing for a nice even exposure.  The trail itself passes through a tunnel behind the falls, hence its name, and once through it the perspective you see above presents itself.

I set up my tripod on a curve on the narrow trail and used the trail itself as a leading line to the falls.  I used a ND 0.9 filter stacked on my circular polariser to cut the glare off the water and leaves, and to create the nice, silky flow of the falls. The lush, hanging mosses gave the scene a mystical, middle earth feel. I was using my Nikon D700 with a 16-35mm lens. 

We returned to the trailhead to a packed parking lot.  We thanked ourselves for getting an early start because Tunnel Falls is a popular destination on the trail.  It was a wonderful, rolling hike through a beautiful part of Oregon.  Scenes like this are quite common in this amazing state.   

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to bringing you more images from my amazing summer trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Have a great weekend!