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Tramp Spotlight : The Unseen Icon

Last month I was out testing a new polarizer and came across this unfamiliar view of a famous London landmark.  

The bright clouds and reflections on the glass make the image a good test shot, but the focal point here is one of the towers of the west front of St Paul's Cathedral

Christopher Wren's 17th century masterpiece is more often photographed from the front or around the dome where the more obvious and famous features and visible, but this reminds me that where-ever you are in the old City, St Paul's can surprise you with its sprawling vastness. 

I was drawn to the warm colour in the light and the very "London-ness" of the scene.  The London Stock Exchange on the left doesn't offer quite enough shelter and the hunched figures in the foreground rush to get out of the first spits of late summer rain.