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Tramp Project : Outside In

One of the benefits of living in what is essentially a box with a single window is that it is quite easy to turn your living space in to a giant camera obscura

room with a view: the view from my studio window projected (upside down!) on the back wall.

I'm rather fond of telling people that my rented apartment in London is the best and worst place I've ever lived.

It's in a great big art-deco block and has loads of character but like all old places it's not without it's problems. It's on a busy road and seems to somehow trap ambient sound and amplify it through the windows. The pipes rattle, the heating is off from April to October regardless of the outside conditions, and it's very, very small.  

Enjoying the view

But a small size is an advantage when you want to make the room light tight. 

The camera obscura lead to the pinhole camera techniques of photography so it was great to see this ancient technology in action. I'd highly recommend it.

What better way to celebrate than with a little dance?