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Tramp Spotlight: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Hey Trampers!  For the next three weeks we're tramping about Australia.  To get into the beach spirit, I'd like to share a behind-the-scenes look at a photo made during my Pacific Northwest sojourn this summer.  

Oregon's Cannon Beach at sunset

Cannon Beach is, simply put, a beautiful golden hour destination.  It's hard to argue that Haystack Rock isn't the stand-out feature.  It's attracts a huge number of birdlife as they make their homes amongst the crags and crevices of the rock.  On this particular day, I was fortunate to witness a beautiful, clear sunset.  On many days of the year, the Oregon coast is blanketed by fog and rain which diminishes the magic of the golden hour.  In this image, I was immediately drawn to the foreground ripples in the sand.  They act as leading lines into the image which is anchored by Haystack Rock on the left, and the sun on the right.  The clouds in the sky give the image greater depth and dynamics.  I particularly like the silhouettes of the people on the far right.  I feel it gives the image some scale and adds a sense of free-spirit.  There's a magic charm of the ocean at sunset and like myself, there were others out enjoying the moment.

Stay tuned Trampers as we bring you some images from our time here in Australia.

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