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Tramp Spotlight: Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast

G'day Trampers! Today's Tramp Spotlight features a little sunrise image from my home here in Australia.  I battled the early morning wake-up call at 4am to go out and shoot the rocks along the Gold Coast's Currumbin Beach.  Currumbin is on the south end of the Gold Coast in the east coast state of Queensland.  It's currently the beginning of summer and as we approach the summer solstice, the sun is rising very early.  After quickly finding a spot to set-up before the sun came up, I managed to fire off a few frames and chose this image as my keeper. 

Currumbin at sunrise looking south to Coolangatta.

Here we're looking south towards Coolangatta.  I wanted to capture the pre-dawn colours, and fortunately, there were quite a lot of clouds around to capture the sun's rising glow.  I was able to smooth the water out by using a polariser stacked onto a 3-stop ND filter.  This, along with a small aperture, I was able to get a nice silky effect on the water.  It was actually a really choppy day, and capturing the water without the filters would have produced an entirely different image.

Hopefully this will be one of many images during our time down here in Oz. Stay tuned for more....

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