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Tramp Spotlight: Infamous Berlin

The Berlin Wall and Gestapo Headquarters

Hey everyone, here's a Tramp Spotlight for the day.   It's not often that we here at Imagetramp get to travel together.  We like to get together for a trip every year if possible.  

Back in 2009, we met up for a fantastic three days in Berlin, Germany.  We toured all the great sights of the city, intrigued by the significant events that have shaped its tumultuous history.  The Reichstag, the Pergamon Museum, the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Museum were some of the sights we had the pleasure of visiting.  For this particular traveller, none was more intriguing than the scene in the image above.

Two significant eras of Berlin's history are on display here.  The Berlin Wall lines the left side of the street; a very significant symbol of the Cold War. The large building behind it on the left is the former Gestapo Headquarters from World War II.  Behind us is the infamous Checkpoint Charlie.  Next to the Gestapo Headquarters is an open air museum called the Topography of Terror which we also visited.  

This shot, captured by dbt, is my favourite image from my whole trip through Europe that summer.  I remember rounding the corner onto Niederkirchnerstraße, the street in the photo, and being struck by what lay before us.  The street was quiet and all it needed was a lone figure to portray the intimacy of one being in the overwhelming presence of these dark, historic symbols.  I was happy to volunteer and handed my D80 to dbt as he composed and captured a memorable shot.  

Converting to a black & white gave the image a whole new personality.  The light was coming across the scene, which helped to amplify the highlights and shadows and the overall contrast.  The decaying wall and the cobbled street add a real grittiness to the story as well.  

It's enriching experiences like this that validates many of the reasons why we should travel.

Stay tuned for a post we will share next week where we captured a similar scene reminiscent of the streets of late Victorian-era London.  Thanks for stopping by!