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cardinal place

A couple of years ago I picked up an old 1930s Kodak 620 Duo folding camera from a market on Portobello Road here in London.

There was no indication that it worked at all;  it was a purely aesthetic choice. Since then it has evolved from a shelf trinket to working camera. Learning how to use it has been a lot of fun. 

You can't buy new 620 film anymore, but you can buy 120 film and re-spool it on to a 620 spool. I picked up a spare spool on eBay for a fiver and followed this excellent tutorial on the dark arts of re-spooling film.

The developed film has unpredictable results. There's light leakage from the old body, the decaying squeezebox section, or the re-spool process... or all of the above. But the double exposures, from-the-hip framing, and random colour cast makes each photo unique. 

I'll be posting more finished results from the 620 when I can.

tourists outside buckingham palace

through the fence at buckingham palace

by dbt