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Getting Back To Nature: Sycamore Canyon

Grand Canyon Trailblazer

Hey everyone!  Well, finally I'm getting back to the way I love to make photos - throwing on a backpack with my tent and getting out into the wilderness.  This weekend I'm going on a 20+ mile tramp into Sycamore Canyon in northern Arizona with my buddy Stephen.  He and I did a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon a few years ago, which to this day we continue to talk about.  The photo to the left is Stephen making the uphill battle out of the Grand Canyon along the Grandview Trail.  It was a trip we'll never forget and getting down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is truly a great experience.  It's rare that we're able to get together and we are taking full advantage of a few days off to get amongst nature.  Spring is ideal here in Arizona, but once the summer comes, the heat makes it extremely difficult to do long hikes.     

Sycamore Canyon is close to the beautiful red-rock town of Sedona and the historic, quaint town of Cottonwood.  Our weather is looking great and we should encounter a lot of water in Sycamore Creek from spring snow melt, which means we're likely to get wet.  I'm taking my trusty Nikon D700 and probably my 16-35mm lens and Gitzo Traveler tripod to keep things light.  We may encounter some Native American ruins and petroglyphs along the way.  We'll also be in bear and mountain lion country, so there's the possibility of a wildlife sighting.  I can't wait to get out and compose some great shots.  Stay tuned for my report next week and hopefully some nice images from our trip.