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Berlin: Flipside


Here’s a quick flipside to Ben’s memories of our Berlin trip in 2009.

I remember feeling a bit bereft after our visit to the Topography of Terror, and with no shortage of monuments, exhibits, and landmarks commemorating the recent horrors in that part of world it can be overwhelming at times.

I felt we needed reminding that Berlin is a vibrant and fun city with lots of positive and life-affirming aspects to enjoy.

It might have been an afternoon beer, a hot chocolate, or the coffee that Ben's holding that sent us looking for a bit of fun and colour one afternoon. We stumbled across a small and isolated children’s park crammed in beside the old Stasi documentation centre which is now a museum dedicated to the over-zealous surveillance of the secret police of the GDR.

Sometimes it feels like Ben and I share a brain and it’s hard to recall if I had even finished asking him to pose before he was mounting that tiny bike.

I was on the ground to shoot up and took two shots, one close up and a wider angle encompassing the building behind which is the one I went for.

Initially I processed it with some pretty heavy HDR but I’ve eased off here for a slightly more realistic look.

It’s not a great image but captures well the juxtaposition of the young, vibrant city with the spectre of dark history all around.

by dbt