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Tramp Spotlight: Hampstead Haunts

Where's Jack?

Hey everyone, happy weekend to you all!  In this Tramp Spotlight, I wanted to follow up on the Infamous Berlin post I made last week.  To quickly summarise, I featured one of my favourite photos from a trip to Berlin from a couple of years ago.  Dbt took a great shot of me walking down a street featuring the Berlin Wall and the former Gestapo Headquarters - two significant remnants of Berlin's notorious past.  Click here to read more about it.  I mentioned at the end of the post that I was going to feature a photo this week of a scene similar to the one in the Berlin photo where the subject was walking away from the camera.  The image above is what I'm referring to, and here's the story.....

I went to visit dbt for Christmas back in 2010.  It was a very cold winter in England and I was very lucky to even be on a flight that wasn't delayed because Heathrow Airport was snowed in.  We took an afternoon tramp up to London's affluent Hampstead and Highgate.  We walked around the quaint streets seeing the extravagant homes of celebrities and visiting a few pubs with rich histories.  The Spaniard's Inn was a notable pub we visited and it particularly has a very rich literary history.  Keats, Dickens, Byron and Stoker are all names associated with this quirky ale house.  Being winter, the sun was hibernating and the darkness of the evening came around quickly.  In this scenario, the evening was extremely foggy.  We rather foolishly decided to walk through Hampstead Heath with very limited visibility and a few ales in us and proceeded to get lost.  Prior to getting lost, I was able to make this image of dbt heading into the Heath.

I'm a huge fan of the Jack the Ripper conspiracies, and this scene reminded me of the eerie backstreets of London's East End during 1888 when the Ripper terrorised Whitechapel.  This immediately came to my mind when I made the photo, so there was a little thought that went into making it.  I initially named the photo 'Where's Jack?' because it felt like The Ripper was hiding somewhere close by.  The image itself was converted to black and white but I added a sepia tint to it to give the lights a little more drama. 

Eventually, we made our way out of Hampstead Heath without being terrorised by The Ripper.  It was a long, damp and eerie introduction to Hampstead that I'll never forget.  This image can be seen along with our other London favourites in our London gallery.   

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!