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Tramp Spotlight: There's a Storm Brewin'

Hey everyone!  Been a while since we did a Tramp Spotlight , so I thought it was time for a look into the Imagetramp archives.  Tramp Spotlight is a post dedicated to telling the story behind the photo, usually something from the past.  I was scrolling through my Lightroom catalog the other day and randomly came across this scene......

Calm before the storm

This image was taken in October 2010.  By that stage, the summer monsoon season in Arizona, which produces fierce thunder and lightning storms, is behind us.  October is a time for cooler temperatures and clear days.  It's my favourite time of year.  However, on this particular day, a storm of monsoon-like proportions dropped down over the Valley of the Sun like a hurricane.  Here, I was driving to hike in the mountains in the distance when I saw what was brewing behind me in my rearview mirror.   

I was about two miles into my hike when a bolt of lightning dropped down about a quarter- mile from me.  The sky was green and angry and the temperature dropped drastically suggesting that something epic was about to take place.  I immediately turned and ran the two miles back to my car, sped home and made it to shelter thirty seconds before hail the size of softballs pelted down.   A lot of damage was recorded in the aftermath of this storm, especially to vehicles.  It was reported that a tornado touched down a little further north from where I was hiking.  A tornado in Arizona, especially in the city limits, is unheard of.

I like this photo because of the story it tells and the contrast of the scene.  It's calm and sunny in the mountains, but the fury building up in the scene behind me creates a moment of anxiety.  The motion captured in the foreground suggests I'm running from the storm, and in the end, it almost caught me.  I captured this with my trusty Canon Powershot and was pleased I was able to get the mirror sharp considering that I was driving. 

The timing of this post is fitting because we're about to head into the clutches of a hot summer here in Phoenix, where daily temperatures average 108 F/40 C.  The summer monsoons take hold around July and the ominous dark clouds, as in the image above, become a common feature.  It's always a welcome sight though because of the relief it provides from the heat.  The power of the monsoon storms here in the Valley of the Sun is amazing to witness!

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