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iPhoneography: Scenes of a Desert

Hi everyone!  I wanted to follow up on Dave's awesome video blog from the other day.  Check it out here, but to quickly summarise, he put together a video of train travel in south London - all done on his iPhone.  It's a step for us into bringing our travels to you via the world of video.   

I recently went for a hike here in Scottsdale to break in some new boots for my various backpacking trips this summer.  I sat on the summit of Sunrise Peak to take in the amazing views and wished I had my D700 with me to capture it and the power of a RAW file to do some post-editing.  However, I remembered having my iPhone on me and thought I'd just try and capture the scene with that.  See, I often forget that the iPhone takes some pretty darn good quality images.  I have often felt that being a DSLR user, using my iPhone and its many photography apps, for example, Instagram, is a lazy cop-out.  I doubt I would ever use iPhone images in my portfolio, but I need to embrace its technology more.  Also, the range of apps make things extremely convenient and photography as a whole fun.

View from Sunrise Peak overlooking Scottsdale

Here's an image I made with a little touch up work done in Lightroom.  Compositionally I like the image because the cactii in the foreground lead the eye along the ridge in the middle and then to the surrounding landscape.  Using an iPhone is just like using a prime lens in that it still requires you to think of the composition in order to make a good image.  I think as photographers, the iPhone is a good tool to develop that skill instead of just using it to take snapshots.   I still prefer to do my post-processing in Lightroom or Photoshop as opposed to Snapseed or Instagram, but this is a step in the right direction for me as far as embracing the quality of the camera in the iPhone.  

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