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Tramp Spotlight: A Moment of Shyness

A young girl on the beach in Zanzibar

Hey everyone!  Here's a midweek Tramp Spotlight for you from the Imagetramp archives.   We've been featuring mainly landscape images in the Tramp Spotlight series, but this week, it's time for a portrait.  Way back in 2005, I drove across southern and eastern Africa on a self-safari.  There are many wonderful memories and images from that trip.  Looking back at some of the better images, I was drawn to the one above.    

We made the boat trip from Dar-e-Salaam, Tanzania's principal commercial city across to the island of Zanzibar.  We enjoyed touring the wonderful spice farms before making our way to the majestic beaches on the island's east coast.  The pure white sand of the beach and turquoise water of the Indian Ocean provided an amazing setting for an overnight retreat. 

Lazing on the beach, we were approached by various vendors offering everything from food to sea-shells.  There appeared to be a school or church excursion happening on the beach.  All the young girls were adorned in turquoise saris, which were a close match to the colour of the ocean.  I approached them with my camera as they congregated close-by with a playful curiosity.  It's seems common across Africa for kids to get excited about having their pictures taken.  

I captured this girl during a moment of joyful shyness as she quickly tried to cover her face with her book.  This is one of my favourite shots from my trip in Africa.  I remember the beautiful setting like it was yesterday.  I particularly like the colourful clothing matched with the warm side-light.  However, it's the happiness in the girl's eyes and her expression that makes this image for me.  For a brief moment, there was an interaction between us that I feel I've been able to capture and will remember for a long time.   

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