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Tramp Spotlight : Urban Surfin'

The Eisbach, a man-made river, is a fast flowing canal that runs through Munich's scenic  English Garden.

At a certain spot the shooting water collides with the contours of the canal under a bridge to create a stationary wave... perfect for the adventurous type. 

Since the 1970s urban surfers have lined up by the dozen for their turn at the wave, one at a time, to ride for as long as they can balance, or as long as any unwritten etiquette dictates.

Some fall quickly, disappointment barely registering before they plunge in to the icy waters.  And some, like this dapper chap with his water proof fedora, glide back and forth across the wave until their fancy decides they're done for now. 

I took this series with a Canon 5D Mk II and a rented 24-70mm Canon L series lens. I put the raw images together in Photoshop and processed it as one image. I wanted a consistent look, like a few frames of film, to give some movement to the capture. 

I wish he was being a little more adventurous with the moves, but seriously there's precious little space. Styling wet-hats win out over epic skills at The Wave.