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Tramp Spotlight : SOOC

SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera).

It's hard in the digital age of photography to resist the temptation to improve a shot with some processing.  

The above photo was from a recent trip to Munich, in the tunnel that runs under a road towards the English Garden.

I opened it in Lightroom and realised pretty quickly that any adjustments wouldn't improve the image, so I left it as is. 

At ImageTramp we like to toy with our photos a little, sometimes a lot, to get the best out of the capture. From subtle highlights to some pretty obvious HDR to downright alterations, most of our shots pass through some level of retouching.

But ever since photography was invented the developer has been manipulating the final product. It's a tradition we're happy to take part in.  

And sometimes we stay the almighty hand of Adobe, stop ourselves from mechanically jumping in to a common workflow, and we acquiesce to the fidelity of the photograph.