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Secrets of London : Serpentine Pavilion

Every summer, the Serpentine Gallery art space in Hyde Park, transforms the space outside the east wing of the permanent building in to an interactive temporary structure, designed by one of the world's leading architects. 

amongst the gardens

Since 2000 the Serpentine Pavilion has showcased an astounding range of different styles, from huge installations and bold statements to intimate secret gardens and serene habitats. 

gimme shelter

This year's design, by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, has colloquially become known as The Digital Cloud. 

edges of a cloud

The white latticed structure allows the visitor to walk through, around, and on top of the "cloud", experiencing different viewpoints from within and without. 


walking on a cloud

Every October the pavillion closes and is demolished, in this case perhaps dismantled, and the ground is left to recover for another year, before something beautiful and new goes up in its place.

We don't know what it will be, it's just another of London's secrets.