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Tramp Stamp: Portland - A Sneak Peek

Hey Trampers! I'm back from an amazing three weeks tramping around the Pacific Northwest of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.  I spent most of my time in Oregon and was extremely overwhelmed by how much there is to do there.  Three weeks was not enough.  So, I wanted to begin with a sneak peek of some of the photos to come from the trip beginning with the awesome city of Portland.  It's a beer and coffee lovers paradise.  This photo I made on the Eastside Esplanade with a great view of the skyline at twilight.   

The Portland skyline at twilight.

So, this is a little sneak peek of what's to come.  I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you over the next few weeks of this amazing part of the world.  I'll have some Tramp Spotlight features and some Rugged Tramper features.  I'll also post a more detailed Tramp Stamp blog on the city of Portland so stay tuned friends!

Have a great weekend!