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Tramp Spotlight: The Banksy Bird

England's famous Jurassic Coast is filled with treasures.

In the late 19th century a local girl discovered a 17 foot long plesiosaur fossil on the beach near Lyme Regis, the first of its kind in the world.

Young Mary Anning was soon world famous and with many more discoveries worked against the social and religious values of the day to help redefine the Victorian idea of fossils, science, and the notion of creation itself. 

I was able to find some ammonites encased in rock myself on the same beaches but I was just as excited to find a more recent addition along the canals of the River Lym.


Banksy is largely known as a Bristol street artist, with regular sightings of his work in London, but his artwork appears around the world from the West Bank in Israel to Australia, America, and all over the world (I spotted a political piece in Mayfair during my Project 365).

I was surprised and happy to find Banksy's reach extends even to sleepy South Coast hideaways like Lyme Regis.