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Secrets of London : The Last of the Giants

The Brixton Windmill is the only remaining windmill in inner London. It operated as a flour mill from 1817 - 1862 and was one of twelve similar mills on Brixton Hill at the time. Now, the last of its kind, the giant stands on the edge of the urban sprawl like a flood marker soon to be submerged by the rising sea levels.  

Restored in 2003, this relic of the rural past of one of the capital's most vibrant centres is now just a folly. Open in the warmer months for educational tours, it is squeezed on to the back of a small park, the park itself crammed in by a housing estate and a 19th century prison.

I was lucky to see the sails catch a hint of the winter sun before an afternoon storm drenched the city. The windmill is pushed right up against the fence that surrounds the service roads of HMP Brixton so getting a full shot of the windmill that is picturesque is tricky. I chose a shot I took from the front so I could capture the sails, but aimed high so I could avid catching the ugly fences and surrounding buildings.

Below is a shot from the side that shows a little of the surrounding park and buildings, but I've given the photo a little tilt-shift effect in Photoshop to throw the focus on the structure rather than the landscape.