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Tramp Spotlight: Lightning over the Gold Coast

Hey Trampers! Well, Dave and I are back from our holiday back to our homeland of Australia.  We had an amazing time and are looking forward to bringing you some images and stories.  This is our first Tramp Spotlight for the New Year!  This particular shot was made during a massive storm over the Gold Coast on my last night.  I remember sitting at home and seeing it build up and thought I should really get out and try and shoot some of the ominous clouds.  As the storm passed over the ocean, a tremendous amount of lightning added to an amazing scene.  I thought I might try to capture some of it and was fortunate to walk away with this.....


(click on image to make it larger)

I set my tripod up under the cover of an overhanging rock at a place called The Alley at Currumbin on the south end of the Gold Coast. I had my finger on my cable release hoping to fire off a frame at the right moment.  I didn't have the advantage of a lightning trigger so I had to rely on good ol' fashioned reflexes. My Nikon D700 camera shoots a burst of 5 frames per second.  In order to get a fast enough shutter speed I had to crank up my ISO a little.  I had the whole beach to myself and it was amazing to be taking in the scene that was unfolding before me.  Nature was putting on a gem. When I knew I got the shot I yelled out a joyful 'Yeeeaaahhh!'  This is perhaps one of my favourite shots from the trip if not all of 2013.

After this shot, the lightning strikes were getting closer until they were right above me.  A trio of surfers were off the rocks enjoying the waves that the storm brewed up.  I considered climbing up onto the rock I was under to capture some strikes that were blazing over the ocean, as well as the surfers in action.  However, my common sense prevailed.  Standing exposed on a rock holding onto a metallic object, my tripod, didn't seem like a good idea. However, I was really happy with this shot.  I hope you like it too!

Happy New Year!