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Tramp Spotlight: Double Decker Rush

Hey everyone, time for a story behind the scene with this Tramp Spotlight.  This story comes from several years ago during a Christmas trip to London to see Dave.  The southern U.K had experienced some very cold weather over the Christmas period. It produced a large amount of snow in and around the London area.  Runways at Heathrow airport had been shut down for days.  I was very fortunate to arrive on a non-delayed flight into London.

During my last few days, Dave and I made a jaunt up to the affluent suburb of Hampstead.  It was a brisk, wintry day although we were treated to some brief sunny spells.  However, the latitude of the U.K doesn't lend itself to long, sunny days during the winter and darkness fell quickly.  The fall of the evening was accompanied with some heavy fog.  We walked around the narrow streets photographing and absorbing its quaint confines.  We made a stop into The Spaniard's Inn, a pub with a literary history involving Dickens and Keats.  We also walked through Hampstead Heath, and with no thanks to the heavy evening fog,  we got lost. We covered a large distance to finally get ourselves out.  Prior to getting lost, I made this photograph of one of London's icons, the famous red Double-Decker Bus as it sped by us along the northern edge of Hampstead Heath.  

With the aid of my tripod, I was able to make a sharp image using a slow shutter speed to create the light streaks of the bus as it drove by.  I've seen other photographs where photographers have used slow shutter speeds to create the same effect of double-decker buses streaking by in front of London icons such as Big Ben.  I particularly like the foggy surroundings in this image.  It reminds me of how eerie and cold the night was, especially when we were trying to find our way out of Hampstead Heath.  

I wrote a Tramp Spotlight post last year featuring a photo I made of Dave during the same night where he's about to descend into the foggy clutches of Hampstead Heath.  I titled the post "Where's Jack?". The eeriness of the scene made me feel like Jack the Ripper could have been stalking close by in the dark.  Although, the fact that Dave doesn't come across as the 'Lady of the Night' type I think he would've been safe from the Ripper.  Click here to view the post.  You can view the above photograph as well as some of our other favourites of London in our London gallery.

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