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Tramp Spotlight: Rainbow Over Currumbin

It's the end of the week and it's time for aTramp Spotlight.  I was perusing some older images in the Imagetramp archives this week to build on our new 'Australia' gallery which was created last weekend.  The image being focused on this week came from a late Autumn trip back in 2010.  I was driving along the Currumbin beachfront on the Gold Coast immediately after an afternoon thunderstorm.  It was a beautiful scene that lasted only a few minutes and I was able to quickly capture it. 

A post afternoon thunderstorm along the Currumbin beachfront on Australia's Gold Coast.

It's a simple image but to me there's a lot going on.  The rainbow of course is what the eye is drawn to.  Everyone loves a rainbow, right?  The sail boat on the horizon gives everything a sense of scale - the rainbow itself, the ocean, the clouds - to me, everything seems big.  The clouds are enhanced by the glow of the late afternoon sun that was peeking through behind me.  I'm also not the only witness - the surfers in the foreground not only add to the scene's sense of scale but like me, their attention is focused on what is happening out on the horizon.  As far as the composition goes, the surfers are aligned, beginning from the bottom left, to direct the eye out to the horizon and to our subject, the rainbow.  I like everything about this image and to think it sat dormant for nearly four years.  Every now and then it pays to re-visit the archives.

Check out our new 'Australia' gallery by clicking here.  More images will be added over the coming weeks as we delve into the archives.  

Have a great weekend!