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Highlights of Nîmes (part 1)

Low view of the temple with Norman Foster's modern Carré d'Art art gallery in the background. 

The Maison Carrée has been standing in the same spot, in various states of grandeur, for 2020 years. I love this stuff, it's one of my favourite things about travel. To walk in the same spaces and see the same things that people who lived 2000 years before I enjoyed my first beer is a joy that never gets old. 

Nîmes, in southern France, was once a Roman colony and I spent just two days there recently, enjoying the ancient monuments of the city and nearby. More posts to come from Nîmes with the Pont du Gard and the amphitheatre. 

View from in front of the doors to the temple looking along the streets of Nîmes

Detail of the ancient columns and restored ceiling.