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Enjoying The View

A cruise ship docks beside HMS Belfast, just across from The Tower of London

I have just added a new number one to the list of best observation decks in the world. 

The previous champion was Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center's observation deck, where New York City is laid out below in all its splendour.

Move over, Rock. London's The View from The Shard now wears the crown. 

The open air top deck lets the outside in

Visitors enjoying a drink, a sit down, or a photo op under the half moon

Perfectly located near London Bridge on the south bank of The Thames, Renzo Piano's Shard gives the best view of one of the world's most iconic cities (and all her icons), making them feel at once close to you, and close to each other. On one side of the deck you can look west and see The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben.

Twin sunsets over London, looking west from the Shard

Then walk around a little further and St Paul's Cathedral is just there, sitting proud, opposite The Tate Modern.

St Paul's Cathedral

Looking up from the 72nd floor

Further along you can almost reach out and grab The Walkie Talkie and The Gherkin and look down to see The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The towers of Canary Wharf are further to the east. 

Tracks from London Bridge rail station snake out to the South East and beyond while Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf light up the skyline 

Even for those who aren't fans of The Shard, it is pretty much now the only place in London where you can't see the damn thing.