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Tramp Spotlight: Doorway to Santorini

It's Friday, and in the midst of a saturation of nostalgic hashtags on social media such as #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday, it seemed appropriate to post our first Tramp Spotlight for the year. It's where we go through our archives, pick out an image from our past adventures and reminisce about the time, place and what we experienced when taking the image.

I've been looking at some of the photos I have on my wall at home and thought I would post a #flashbackfriday to this image.... 


Late afternoon over the caldera of the Greek Island of Santorini

In 2009 I took a seven-week long trip around Europe taking in some of the amazing sights along the azure coastlines of Italy, Greece and Croatia. Santorini, a caldera-shaped island in the Aegean Sea, has been racked by a violent volcanic past. Today, it's one of the most visited islands in the Greek Islands with its beautiful lagoon and its white-washed villages perched precariously on the steep cliffs of the caldera.

Santorini's sunsets alone attract visitors to the island. Many guidebooks, as well as locals and travelers, will claim that it's the best sunset in the world. I live in Arizona, and the sunsets here are hard to beat. However, the sunsets in Santorini are definitely worth the trip to the island and certainly live up to the hype.

This particular image was captured while trying desperately to find an ideal spot to take in the sunset amongst the hordes of fellow dusk-inspired congregators. I was walking briskly when these doors caught my attention. I was immediately hooked by how they perfectly framed the view looking out to the lagoon basked in golden light. I waited a few seconds for the sailboat to align in the centre of the view and then pressed the shutter. It was a beautiful time of day and one of my favourite images from the trip.

Oh, and I did find a nice spot to watch the sunset. As the final speck of the blazing star descended below the horizon, a thunderous applause erupted over the village as Mother Nature proved she is by far the greatest entertainer of all.

Have a great weekend!