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Tramp Spotlight: Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline at Dusk

I believe over the two years that I've been contributing to this blog, I've made grand statements about a particular city being my favourite in the world. This has applied to Vancouver, London, Berlin, San Francisco, my home town Brisbane and probably a few more. It appears that I can't decide on just one, and after reviewing some images from a trip I took to Seattle a few years ago, I rolled my eyes and thought, "I guess this is one of my favourites too. Better add it to the list."

Of all American cities that I've visited in the 10 years that I've lived in the U.S., Seattle is the city that I have visited the most. I have a soft-spot for everything that is Pacific Northwest and Seattle is the hub of this fantastic region, sitting between two of my other favourite cities, Vancouver, B.C and Portland. I've done almost everything there is to see and do in Seattle, yet I could keep coming back. The whole Seattle music scene was an integral part of my teenage years in Australia, so that was the initial draw. However, I've learned that there are a lot more things that define this city than just being the origin of some of my all-time favourite bands.

I first visited Seattle back in 2001 and was awe-struck by the sight of Mt. Rainier hovering behind the city's skyline from a ferry I was taking back from the Olympic Peninsula. It was such a unique sight, something I'd never seen before, and it inspired me to climb the mountain itself back in 2012. When I think of just city skylines alone, Seattle is definitely my favourite.

Among many things, like taking a ferry across Puget Sound or getting lost in a book in many of it's independently owned coffee shops, Seattle is a wonderful city to simply walk and/or ride a bicycle around. On this particular day, I was blessed with a beautiful, clear, sunny summer day which progressed into an amazing evening. The image above was made from a bridge that crosses over the marina along the city's trademark waterfront. All the elements were in place to make this image - a calm, clear evening just after the sun dipped below the horizon which in turn created those nice pink and purple hues in the sky just as the lights of the buildings are being illuminated. Although I consider myself a landscape photographer, I love the opportunity to capture cityscapes like this too.

I made a few other images that evening that can be seen below as well as in our Seattle/Washington section under the 'Places' tab in the main menu. These images of the city at dusk are some of my most memorable images from any city in the world that I've visited. To keep in line with it's famous musical heritage, Seattle, you do indeed rock!