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The Rugged Tramper: Trail of Ten Falls

North Falls

During my recent summer visit to Oregon and Washington, I took a day trip south from Portland to Silver Falls State Park, approximately 20 miles east of Salem. Usually when I visit Oregon and the opportunity presents itself for a day trip, like most people I almost always head for the Coast, the Gorge or the mountains. This day I thought I'd seek out something less known and travelled. 

The highlight of the park is the 7-mile Trail of Ten Falls Loop. This loop hike took me through a beautiful, dense forest of cedars, firs and pines. Ten falls in total at regular intervals punch through the forest at varying heights and flows each with a different way in which to negotiate getting around them. 

North Falls above, around the half-way point of the loop hike, was my favourite of the silver falls. A massive grotto curved around behind the falls giving me chances to photograph from all angles. The hike was a wonderful way to begin a sunny, summer morning in Oregon. That's the beauty of this state, with a lifetime of things to see and do, there's always something new to explore.

South Falls

Lower South Falls