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Stranger In My Homeland

Last wave of the day during a stormy late afternoon at Burleigh

It was a very hot, 42 degree summer day in Brisbane of February 2000 when Dave, my fellow Imagetramp collaborator and I left Australia as young, naive 22 year-olds. I was long-haired, freshly graduated and brimming with a sense of adventure. After a 20 hour flight, we arrived to sub zero temperatures in the middle of an English winter. This is how my 16 year adventure began living and travelling abroad. And now, after 16 years of exploring the planet and living on several continents, I've arrived back to my homeland.

I'm experiencing a severe case of sensory overload as I take in everything around me that is both familiar and foreign. I was a kid when I left and have returned as an adult with a completely different set of eyes. This last month has been overwhelming, as I adjust to living back in my homeland. I've enjoyed the last 9 years living in the amazingly diverse state of Arizona, exploring its wonders as well everything that makes America great - its vibrant cities, its incredible natural beauty and its amazing people. It will always remain my adopted home and I hope to continue my relationship with the wonderful Grand Canyon State. From the dry, desert climate I now find myself enjoying the warm, sub-tropical air and the crystal blue and green water that characterises Australia's Gold Coast.

Since I arrived back here I've been on a photographic frenzy. I've been re-acquainting myself with all the wonderful elements of my home that I once took for granted when I grew up here. I've been exploring everything from the beautiful beaches to the lush hinterland rainforests, the rolling, green farmlands to the dry, interior country referred to in the Aussie vernacular as 'The Bush'. 

Below is a gallery of photographic highlights from the very short amount of time that I've spent back here. It's a testament to how easy it is to be inspired and awed by Australia's uniqueness and beauty. I'm excited to continue exploring and sharing my travels as a stranger in my homeland.

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