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Thursday Themes: Bridges of the World

The Story Bridge at the centre of Brisbane's skyline

I've always been a big fan of architecture and urban landscapes. Bridges, buildings, both new and old, parklands and quirky neighbourhoods. My zeal for photography leans heavily towards landscapes. I love putting a backpack on and disappearing into the wilderness for days, even weeks and shooting the natural world in all its glory. However, when I look through the 30,000+ photographs in my archive, cityscapes are a common theme. I've travelled to some amazing cities around the world, each with unique architectural features that contribute to their character and personality.

Within these cities, bridges are often at the centre of their collective features and landmarks. Like buildings, the style and function of a bridge is unique to that particular city, conceived through the imagination and expertise of its designer, and are often a showcase to significant events that take place - think the Sydney Harbour Bridge's amazing fireworks display on New Year's Eve.

I've walked across many bridges during my global travels both large and small, famous and obscure, historical and new. Each Thursday, I'm going to showcase a bridge that has been part of my travel experiences. Some will make you want to stand and marvel at their striking feat of engineering , and others, well, you'll question my sanity as to why I or anyone would want to cross it.

This week I'll start with a bridge that I grew up with; an iconic landmark of Brisbane in Australia - The Story Bridge. It was named after John Story, a man at the centre of the advocation for the bridge's construction. Like famous bridges of the world, the Story Bridge, heritage-listed and opened in 1940, is featured in countless photographs of its native city's skyline. And, like its more famous cousin, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Story Bridge is often at the centre of festivities and events that take place in Brisbane.

I revisited the Story Bridge this week. After all these years, whether driving over it, taking a ferry under it, or looking at it from a distance, I still feel awed and vulnerable by both its physical presence and its stature as one of Brisbane's most important landmarks.

The Story Bridge from the base of the New Farm cliffs