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Tramp Spotlight: Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake Overlook, North Cascades National Park

During my travels over the years, I've seen many wonderful displays of colour in the great outdoors. I think of the deep, cobalt blue water of Crater Lake in Oregon, the brilliant, layered colours in Yellowstone's thermal pools, the tropical blue waters off the coast of the African isle of Zanzibar. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the milky, turquoise colours of North Cascades National Park's Diablo Lake.

Fortunately, anyone who visits the park can enjoy the brilliant vista in the image above. No strenuous hiking required, just a simple walk from one's car to the viewpoint. In this image, I was returning from the backcountry and pulled off the road to check out the Park's premier overlook. As you can see, it doesn't disappoint. My image was further enhanced by the puffy clouds crossing the sky and casting their shadows across the lake and the surrounding forest. The unique, intense hue of the lake's water is attributed to the surrounding glaciers that grind rocks into a fine powder that is carried into the lake by creeks. That fine powder stays suspended in the lake giving the water its brilliant colour when sunlight passes through it. From a photographic standpoint, photographing Diablo Lake outside of the 'golden hour' seems to be best and breaks those traditional rules. Direct sunlight is required to make the lake's brilliant colour really pop. 

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